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The owners of the copyright of the text and illustrations in the printed editions of Foundation Truths and 'Original Sin' and Eternal Punishment, by C L Parker, have granted me permission to publish these internet editions of the books, and have kindly provided the page about the author.

I am also grateful to Mr Frank Cook, who granted me permission to use the text and illustrations for C L Parker's studies from clparker.com

I would also like to thank Bill Turner for his permission to reproduce his studies and illustrations on this website, Bill's studies are not copyright and may be freely copied and used without reference to the author.

The owners of the copyright of C L Parker's studies, Bill Turner nor anyone connected with this website does not expect or desire any gift for them!

If you wish to report any typographical errors, or any technical problems with the working of this web site, you may e-mail me by clicking on "Contact" shown below.

I will not, in answer to any e-mail enquiry, comment on the contents of the studies by C L Parker.

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Yahweh Shalom

Alister Hamilton


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